A computer for every pupil and student

The City of Brussels continues to distribute computers, so that every pupil and student can follow lessons remotely. Every pupil of a school in the City of Brussels can get a computer on request.

Distance learning often confronts families and schools with the problem of equipping students with computers and the digital divide, further raising social inequalities.

That is why the City of Brussels has decided to hand out free desktops to its French-speaking and Dutch-speaking students from the 5th and 6th year of primary schools, from secondary schools, high schools and social promotion education.

Upgraded computers

In collaboration with External site i-CITY, the decommissioned computers of the administration were upgraded by various associations (Tic Harmony, Molengeek,...).

These updated computers were equipped with 8 GB extra memory, a keyboard, a screen, a mouse and a wifi key, which amounts to a cost of 100 euros per computer. Public education has also set up training courses for teams as well as students and their parents.

Smartschool, wifi and other initiatives

All secondary and higher education schools are also equipped with video conference rooms.

Office 365 user accounts have been created for all students and teachers to provide them with an e-mail address and to guarantee their access to Smartschool and Teams.

The Smartschool app was installed at all secondary and primary schools that requested it.

Digital educators are engaged to support students in using digital equipment in every secondary school.

Wifi is installed in all primary, secondary and higher education schools.

Created on 20/12/2021 (modified on 21/12/2021)