Cool and visible on the bike? The practical tips

There are lots of nice and cool ways to stay visible on the road (as a cyclist). The tips of the #JeSorsJeBrille - #ZieMeShinen campaign might be very useful.

This road safety campaign (by the Federal Economy and Mobility Services and Traxio) focuses on young cyclists. 7 out of 10 young cyclists prefer being cool to being visible on their bike. The vast majority of them rarely or never wear fluorescent or reflective accessories. And unfortunately that is reflected in the road safety statistics: young people are the biggest victims of bicycle accidents in the dark.

Yet there are many ways to stay cool and trendy while still being visible on the road (even in high-visibility clothing or safety vests) . What should you pay attention to when buying lighting or fluorescent accessories?

More information on the campaign:

Created on 21/11/2018 (modified on 21/11/2018)
Cool and visible on the bike? The practical tips