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Deviations from the timetable of yards

Deviations from the timetable of yards

Works on construction sites (yards) may not take place at night, on Saturday, Sunday and a public holiday. However, it is possible to request a derogation from this schedule. The works can then exceptionally take place during certain nights, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays under certain conditions.

How to apply for a derogation?

Each application must be submitted within a deadline of at least 10 working days.

To be admissible, each application must meet the following conditions:

Paying the municipal fee

Paying the municipal fee of:

  • 50 euros for a simple application (maximum 1 calendar week)
  • 150 euros for a multiple application (maximum 1 calendar month)

To be transferred in advance to account BE98 0910 1141 3693 in the name of the City of Brussels, with the notice "yard derogation + date + yard address".

Request by registered letter

The sending of your request by registered letter, addressed to the Mayor, at the following address: Brucity Administrative Centre, Rue des Halles 4 - 1000 Brussels.

Simultaneous notification by e-mail

Simultaneous notification by e-mail to the address of:

  • A copy of the derogation request by registered letter addressed to the Mayor
  • A copy of the registered postal receipt of the request for derogation
  • A copy of the proof of payment of the municipal fee
  • The following additional information:
    • Exact start and end date of the worksite
    • Exact start and end time of the worksite
    • Nature of the works
    • Reference (number) of the worksite on the Osiris platform
    • Permission from the police and/or fire brigade
    • Location, layout and signage plans (plans and sections)
    • Justification of the derogation request
    • Measures taken to reduce risks and nuisance

For works in a densely populated residential area, communication (all mailboxes) is recommended to avoid, to the extent possible, misunderstandings or complaints from neighbours. If the works take place without authorisation, the violator risks the immediate ending of the worksite, along with an administrative fine.