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Documentary film about the Saint-Hubert Galleries

Documentary film about the Saint-Hubert Galleries

The Glass Umbrella of Brussels is the first documentary about the past of the Royal St. Hubert Galleries. This film by Patricia Niedzwiecki was made in collaboration with the City of Brussels. From 1 June 2018 it is shown at Cinéma Aventure.

The film tells about the history of the first monumental glass galleries in Europe, built shortly after the birth of Belgium by architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar. The documentary zooms in on the sometimes misunderstood buildings of the City of Brussels and the galleries that are located near the Grand-Place. The images were mainly shot in 2017-2018, in response to 170 years of Royal St. Hubert Galleries.


Next video shows the trailer of the film Le parapluie de Bruxelles - The Glass Umbrella Of Brussels (the video contains no dialogue or text, only a background music):

Created on 16/04/2018 (Modified on 04/05/2018)