Dutch-language culture

In the City of Brussels, there are four Dutch-language community centres, several cultural partners, the Royal Flemish Theatre (KVS) and three City libraries. In consultation with these institutions and the Cultuurraad (Cultural Council) of the City, a local culture plan was developed for 2014-2020.

A new local culture plan is now being made for 2020-2026.

Gemeenschapscentrum De Markten

GC De Markten in the centre of Brussels participates in a tolerant city through theatre, concerts, exhibitions, courses, active arts, sports, Dutch-language courses, conversation tables and a socio-artistic project each year.

Gemeenschapscentrum Nohva

GC Nohva (Heembeek-Mutsaard) is the community centre of Neder-Over-Heembeek and the Mutsaard quarter in Laeken. The offer for children is a priority.

Gemeenschapscentrum Nekkersdal

GC Nekkersdal in Laeken wants to be an open house that focuses on cultural participation at the local level. One of its goals is young families through a Brede School (community school) and its after school child care (IBO). Nekkersdal also offers activities in the quarter and through many collaborations.

Gemeenschapscentrum De Linde

GC De Linde is the meeting place for young and old in Haren. It is committed, along with various partners in Brussels, to actively encourage the neighborhood feeling in Haren. There is an auditorium, suitable for smaller shows, and the centre is also the perfect venue for rehearsals and tryouts.

The other Dutch-language cultural partners of the City of Brussels are:


The KVS, the first Flemish Theatre in Brussels, was created in the 19th century. Today it presents itself as the theatre of a diverse city with an eye for the world, and it is the place to be for contemporary theatre, dance and music that has a resonance far beyond Brussels!

The 'City Academy for Music - Word - Dance' offers training in Dutch outside the normal timetable for all ages, for both enthusiasts as pre-professionals, and this at a dozen locations across the city in the fields of music, drama and dance.

The 'Cultuurraad' (Culture Council) is a consultative committee that creates a dialogue between the Dutch-language cultural sector and the City of Brussels:

The local culture plan explains the objectives of the Dutch-language local culture in the city for the 2014-2020 period. It was made in consultation with the Cultuurraad, the community centres and the city libraries. A new plan is now being made for 2020-2026.

As part of the 2014-2020 local culture plan, the City of Brussels holds a call for projects of Dutch-language affairs each year. Within this project call, all kinds of artistic and cultural forms and expressions are possible. Everyone can participate (individual, collective, association).