Fight against incivilities

The City of Brussels has a plan to fight againt incivilities. The goal is double: attacking the incivilities which reduce the efficiency of the work of the Cleaning Service, and make the city more beautiful again for its inhabitants.

  • More than 100 sworn officers (about 70 for the Public Cleaning Service and about 30 for the Green Spaces Service) apply the tax regulation on incivilities (PDF, 355.25 KB) (in French)
  • The police applies the General Police Regulations
  • The police and the Public Cleaning Service can cooperate

5,929​ taxes have been drawn up for the year 2021, all violations together in the field of public cleaning.

IncivilityTax (Public Cleaning and police)
Illegal dumping500 euros per m³
Debris, household chemical waste,...1000 euros per m³
Waste bag or container taken out outside authorized hours and places100 euros per unit
Cardboard taken out outside authorized hours and places100 euros per m³
Unfolded cardboard150 euros per m³
Unauthorized waste bag150 euros per bag
Abusive filling of a public waste basket150 euros
Tags and graffiti500 euros per m²
Posters or stickers100 euros per unit
Human waste250 euros
Cigarette butt, chewing gum200 euros
Spitting50 euros
Dog waste, throwing away cans, food on the ground and other dirt200 euros
No maintenance of sidewalks, terraces25 euros per running meter
at the foot of a tree or in a drain+50 euros per unit
in a green spacex 2