First 100% sustainable pump track in the City of Brussels

The first pump track on the territory of the City of Brussels was inaugurated at the corner of the Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre and Rue Claessens in Laeken, on the Greenbizz II site of

A pump track is a circuit of bumps and curves, accessible to everyone. This 100% recycled and recyclable sports facility will be a meeting place with numerous activities for young and old: testing balance and speed on a bicycle, getting to know sustainable urban agriculture,... More info:

BXL Pump Park
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Recycled plastic

The sports infrastructure is fully supported by and made of rubble, earth and sand for the foundations, recycled plastic for the humps and wooden elements for the curves. The rest of the trail is in dirt and gravel.

Reusable track

The site where the pump track is located is owned by The institution has concluded an occupancy agreement with the City of Brussels for this purpose. The track is completely demountable and therefore sustainable: it can be moved and reused at another location in the city.

Created on 18/08/2020 (modified on 12/04/2021)
First 100% sustainable pump track in the City of Brussels