Flowers and plants around trees

Flowers and plants were planted at the foot of nearly 300 trees between the Pont du Jubilé and the Boulevard de Smet de Naeyer.

A similar initiative of the Bockstael district contract already showed that less litter ended up on public roads with flower beds around trees. It is also a collaborative project in which the residents are directly involved, as they commit themselves to maintaining the flower and plant beds. The idea came from a project call from the Brussels Capital Region.

Mosaic tiles

In a second phase and in collaboration with GoodPlanet Belgium and the Sarendip collective, around 100 mosaic zones will be installed on the footpaths. These mosaic tiles encourage the residents to place their garbage bags against the facade and not at the foot of the trees.

Created on 05/09/2018 (modified on 15/09/2023)