Bockstael sustainable district contract

The Bockstael district contract is the 15th district contract in the City of Brussels.

The projects of new infrastructure and public spaces, as well as the socio-economic activities (housing, education and employment, youth, environment and culture) are presented in the base file.

The elaboration of this program relies on a participatory process in which local residents, users and associations from the neighborhood are brought together by establishing a District Commission, organizing general meetings and working groups.

The study perimeter of the sustainable district contract Bockstael (PDF, 3.57 MB) is situated around the Place Bockstael and the railways (lines 28, 50 and 60) between:

  • the Pouchkine roundabout and the metro station Pannenhuis (South)
  • the Chambon underpass and the crossing at the Avenue de la Reine (East)
  • the Rue Fransman and the current Bockstael station (North West)

The list of streets:

The regulation of the project call is only available in Dutch and French.

The works of the new pocket park 'La Terrasse' have started. These works take place between June and October 2021:

The City of Brussels, the External site Brussels Capital Region and External site Beliris invest more than 45 million euro, over a period of four years, into the revaluation of the Bockstael quarter.

There are two additional years for the execution of the works (2018-2019). The district contract continues through the start-up of the yards after a period of 4 years: reconstruction of public spaces and construction of housing.

Several publications on the Bockstael district contract are only available in Dutch and French.

Next video shows the inauguration of the Place Bockstael (the video contains no dialogue or text):