Greening facades and roofs of public buildings

What is it about?

Green roofs hold rainwater (the speed of rainwater entering the public sewage decreases and the volume decreases), but also offer other benefits: control of the humidity, better control of the heat within the homes, decrease of the reflected heat, improving air quality, biodiversity is being handled, continuity of ecological corridors or the green network, local products can be produced (vegetable gardens),...

The City chooses green roofs for its buildings. Any flat roof that meets the technical requirements will be systematically planted. The City also works on the greening of the façades (plants that rise from the bottom or pots) and the arrangement of shelter and nest space in the façades and roofs for animals.

What purpose?

The greening of roofs and facades allows the City to better manage its buildings, to provide better air quality to residents and visitors and to stimulate biodiversity on its territory. In this way, nature returns to its original place in favor of the well-being of the citizens.




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