How to stop a rat infestation?

The rat manages to adapt to urban ecosystems, living in sewers, parks and basements. This rodent adapts especially smoothly because it finds food easily.

So to prevent the rat population from increasing exponentially, take the following measures:

  • Limit access to food and store it in sealable boxes or bins. Keep everything tidy so no leftovers or crumbs are left on the floor, for example. Also respect the times when rubbish bags are allowed out (compulsory!).
  • Do not feed pigeons and other stray animals
  • Avoid potential nesting sites when accumulating garden and other rubbish or wood, where rodents can easily find shelter
  • Use natural means to repel rats: some strongly scented herbs or plants such as pepper, sage, mint, citronella or an essential oil

Please note: in the Brussels Capital Region, private individuals are banned from using rat poison themselves. Poison can only be used if nothing else works and only by professionals.

In the event of a rat infestation, property owners can contact the Disinfection Service:

Rats and dry rot in private homes

Created on 06/05/2024 (modified on 06/05/2024)




How to stop a rat infestation?