International solidarity

The City of Brussels organizes various campaigns and events on international solidarity. Each year, there's also a call for projects.

The International Solidarity Unit organizes activities of information and raising awareness for the North-South problems. It aims at informing everybody about the existing inequality in the world and it wants to create bigger solidarity between the people in Brussels and the rest of the world.

The most important event is the Fortnight of International Solidarity which takes place each year in October. During this fortnight, the City of Brussels organizes debates, exhibitions, concerts, in association with North-south associations in Brussels to raise awareness on the necessity of a cooperation in development aid and international solidarity.

The City of Brussels buys products resulting from fair trade, in particular coffee, fruit juices, sugar and tea, with labels like Fairtrade Belgium and Made in Dignity.

Each year, the City of Brussels participates in the Week of Fair Trade by proposing meals with ingredients stemming from the fair trade to restaurants and by informing the public about the principle and the philosophy of fair trade.

The City of Brussels is one of first capitals which carries the title of City of Fair Trade. The municipal authority, the companies, the hotels and restaurants, the associations, the schools, the inhabitants promote and consume products stemming from a more fair trade.

The call for projects in development aid and cooperation offers the possibility to the North-South associations to receive a financing for a cooperation or an educational activity in development. This public call is launched at the beginning of the year and is published on this website.

The call for projects is open to associations in Brussels.

The City of Brussels is actively involved in partnerships with cities in the South.


In 2002, the City of Brussels decided to collaborate with the City of Kinshasa around the strengthening of urban administration. The areas of cooperation are civil registration and population, cleaning, health and culture.


In 2007, the City chose to also support projects in Morocco, especially in Tangier, Azemmour and Al Hoceima. It involves projects in education, health, culture, and nature.

The City of Brussels participates in several international networks, particularly in the struggle for nuclear disarmament and respect for human rights: