IT master plan

What is it about?

The City of Brussels has launched its IT master plan, which aims at a thorough reform of the computer system used by the City's administrative services. The IT master plan is implemented within the Smart City program of the City of Brussels. This smart city is an innovative city that uses ICT and other innovative means to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

What purpose?

This revision of the IT organization of administrative services departs from a number of fundamental principles that have a direct impact on the citizens and the employees of the City of Brussels:

  • The citizen takes a central place in the reflection around this IT master plan
  • The City of Brussels is fully committed to providing better services with simpler, more accessible, fuller, faster and coherent services

In addition, the employees of the City of Brussels are also affected by these changes: they get a framework that enables them to deliver quality work and their most annoying tasks are being reduced.