Disrupted telephone services

The telephone call centre of the City is currently experiencing technical failures. It is therefore sometimes difficult to contact the various services by phone. You can still request your documents online and on the citizen portal External site MyBXL, or make an appointment.


The City as an employer

Salary simulator (in French and Dutch)

Code of ethics (PDF, 1.09 MB)

Diversity plan

Working with a handicap

The City has a policy of diversity, non-discrimination and equal opportunities and is primarily looking for talent.

Candidates with disabilities can send their applications by e-mail to, along with the certificate of recognition of their disability or their recognition number from PHARE, VAPH or another organisation.

The coordinator of the integration plan looks at the CVs and sees how the workplace of the candidate can be adapted to the disability. He takes care of the candidate during the entire selection process and follows him during the first months after his appointment.