Parks and cemeteries closed due to heavy winds

Due to the heavy winds, the parks and cemeteries of the City of Brussels are closed till Friday morning 23 February 2024. The Bois de la Cambre will be closed from 4 pm to 6 am.


Student jobs

The City of Brussels recruits students for different jobs during the school holidays.

Road Works and Public Heritage

During the summer months, student jobs are available in July and August. These student jobs concern 2 departments: the Department of Public and Green Spaces and the Department of Public Heritage. Registrations are closed since 21 May 2023.

Youth leaders

The Jeugd in Brussel association searches youth leaders for the Dutch-language holiday camps of the City of Brussels. More info:

External site Animatoren (VGC)

The Jeunesse à Bruxelles association searches youth leaders for the French-language youth activities of the City of Brussels:

External site Jeunesse à Bruxelles