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Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux (MAAC)

The MAAC, at the Dansaert quarter, wants to support contemporary art and creations by young artists.

The 3 main activities of the MAAC are:

  • artist-in-residence programs
  • exhibitions
  • educational workshops


Painting, drawing, installation, video, photography, sculpture, work of the textile,... The MAAC counts 6 workshops today. Workshops are above all an individual workplace but also a place of exchange, search and exhibition in the field of the plastic arts and of the contemporary creation.


The MAAC develops several sorts of exhibition:

  • exhibitions by 'duo' or 'collective'
  • exhibitions in association with the other structures
  • personal exhibitions

Educational workshops

To make artistic and cultural activities accessible to children is a part of the objectives of the MAAC.

Through The discovery of art program, the MAAC organizes visits of exhibitions and especially educational workshops of contemporary art for children of the Children's Homes.