Children's Homes (6-12 years)

The Children's Homes of the City of Brussels welcome children from 6 to 12 years after school or during school holidays.


The Children's Homes are open to children from 6 to 12 years who live on the territory of the City of Brussels (postal codes 1000 - 1020 - 1120 - 1130) or attend a school on the same municipal territory (proof of enrolment and attendance at the school is required).


To register the child, the parents have to appear in the Children's Home of their choice. During the registration, the parents need to have:

  • an ID card of the child
  • 2 labels of the mutual insurance company of the child
  • a recent photo of the child
  • a photocopy of the ID card of one of the parents
  • the registration form (in French) and the medical index card:

Map with Children's Homes