If you wish to get married, you must file a declaration of marriage with the civil registrar. This declaration must be made in the municipality where at least one of the future spouses legally resides. 

The marriage declaration is drawn up by the Marriage Service.

There are two options: the simple option and the 'Court of Honour' option (see Rates).

  • Be of legal age according to their national law
  • Be willing to do so
  • Be free of any matrimonial ties
  • One of the spouses must have his or her main residence on the territory of the City of Brussels

For Belgians who reside abroad and who are not registered in the population registers of a Belgian municipality, the declaration can be received in one of these 3 conditions:

  • the last address is in Brussels
  • a relative up to the second degree of kinship of one of the future spouses is registered in Brussels
  • the place of birth of one of the future spouses is in Brussels

If the person is Belgian and was not born in Belgium, has no parents in Belgium and has never lived in Belgium, the City of Brussels is competent.

Two steps are necessary:

1. Obtaining information during an initial contact:

2. After analysis, the service will make an appointment with you at the counter of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels to see the original documents.

If the future spouses are Belgian and were born in Belgium and have never been married abroad, only the identity card will be needed to draw up the marriage declaration.

In other cases, the service will provide all the personalised information. The list of documents to be provided varies according to the particular situation of the future spouses (nationality, civil status, residence status,...).

For citizens who are illegally or precariously resident, the service reserves the right to request information from the Immigration Office, to request that a police investigation be carried out at home or that an interview be conducted at the service's offices.

The partners are free to provide evidence of their relationship in the preparation of the file.

If there is a serious presumption that the legal requirements for marriage have not been met, the civil registrar may postpone and/or refuse the celebration of the marriage in accordance with Article 167 of the Civil Code.

Please note that if foreign documents are required:

  • all documents must be original
  • if not already written in these languages, all documents must be translated into French or Dutch (by a sworn translator)
  • some documents must be apostilled/legalised

'Simple' formula

50 euros (25 euros fee for the marriage declaration + 25 euros for the marriage booklet delivered at the celebration).

This 'simple' formula offers the following advantages:

  • wedding date: it is possible to choose the date of the wedding, depending on availability, but not the time of the wedding, which will be fixed by the service between 8:30 am and noon. The exact time will be communicated the week before the wedding.
  • reception: during the celebration, the partners will be welcomed in front of the Escalier des Lions (Grand-Place)
  • duration of the celebration: approximately 15 minutes
  • except for events on the Grand-Place, 3 parking permits will be issued

'Cour d'Honneur' formula

50 euros (25 euros for the marriage declaration + 25 euros for the marriage booklet issued during the celebration).

Supplement of 250 euro:  

  • Wedding date: this option allows you to choose the date and time of the wedding (between noon and 1:40 pm), depending on availability
  • Reception: during the celebration, the couple will be welcomed in the 'Cour d'Honneur' (inner courtyard) of the City Hall
  • Additional benefits:
    • Duration of the celebration: approximately 20 minutes. These extra 5 minutes can be used to make a personal speech (by the bride and groom or a third person) and to go, unless access is prevented, to the balcony to take some photos in the presence of any witnesses.
    • Except for events on the Grand-Place, 5 parking permits will be issued.
      It is important to note that the advantages mentioned are applicable as far as possible and that it is possible that an event will prevent the delivery of parking spaces.
      The payment of the 250 euro is primarily for reserving a wedding hour. The prevention of an additional benefit does not entitle to a refund.

The marriage may be celebrated between the 14th day following the declaration of marriage and up to 6 months and 14 days after the declaration. If the declaration of marriage is not received 14 days before the celebration, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

An extension or cancellation of these deadlines may be requested from the Public Prosecutor. To do this, you must first make an appointment with the Marriage Service to obtain a document and then go to the Public Prosecutor.

As regards the reservation of a wedding date, it is possible to contact the service up to one year in advance, subject to events that may take place at the Grand-Place or the City Hall.

Last update on 31/10/2022

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