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The Mont-de-Piété (pawnshop) is probably the most ancient official and financial institution of Belgium.

The External site Mont-de-Piété of the City of Brussels is a public institution with a social character which aims at granting loans against pledge of movable property and value. It also organizes exhibitions and public sales.

Mont-de-Piété has first of all a social role which prevents it from having a lucrative goal.

Public sales

If the depositor fails to fulfill his obligations or if he gives the order to sell his goods, the goods are sold at a public auction. The catalog of these goods is available on the External site website of the Mont-de-Piété.

There are two types of public sales:

  • ordinary sales: thirty sales per year, on Tuesdays at 1 pm, the goods are exhibited the morning of the sales (from 10 am till noon)
  • special sales: about five sales per year, with the finest goods, on Saturdays from 1 pm, the goods are exhibited on the Thursday and Friday before the sales (from 10 am to 3 pm) and the morning of the saled (from 10 am till noon)