The City of Brussels also takes motorcycles and their safety into account. There are special parking spaces for motorcycles and there is a Motorbike Committee.

Though it is possible to park a motorcycle on the sidewalk if there is enough free space for pedestrians, the City prefers the use of parking spaces for motorcycles.

Map with parking lots for motorcycles

Arch in the ground

The use of these parking lots is relatively simple. An arch fixed in the ground allows to hang on the padlock of the motorcycle.


The users can give their remarks on this parking lot for motorbikes via:

This Motorbike Committee wants to facilitate the information exchange, the exchange of views, and the dialogue between:

  • The City of Brussels (Office of the Alderman of Mobility, Mobility and Urban Planning, Public and Green Spaces Department)
  • The Brussels Capital-Region (AVCB, AED)
  • The Belgian Institute for Road safety (IBSR)
  • The police zone and motorcyclists' associations (Fedemot, ADDRM, MAG)

During these quarterly meetings, diverse subjects are approached to: parking (arches, road marking, protection), organization of a national day of the motorcycle,...

The City also signed a charter Mobility adapted to motorized two-wheelers to take into account the safety of the users of the motorized two-wheelers and their specific needs.

Minutes of the meetings of the Motorbike Committee

The minutes of the meetings of the Motorbike Committee are available in Dutch and French.

Links: associations for the promotion of the motorbike

Professional motorcycle and scooter riders give some tips on how to drive safely in Brussels: