Results of the Participatory Budget 2018

On 19 April 2018, the City of Brussels approved 18 projects that were subject to the choice of residents. The vote took place during the month of May. On 21 June 2018, after validation of the votes, 10 projects were selected as winners.

Participatory Budget in figures

The Participatory Budget 2018 is:

  • 105 ideas
  • 51 drafts of projects
  • 36 submitted projects
  • 33 projects analyzed
  • 18 projects submitted to the citizen vote

200 citizens took part in workshops, 390 users registered on the BPART platform, 92 who have not completed their registration, 2,045 inhabitants of the City who voted to choose projects, 10 projects approved and funded, a budget of 134,070 euros approved by the City in June 2018 to carry out these projects.

More information:


The procedure consists of 4 simple, clear phases:

  • January to February 2018. An idea for my City or quarter: call for ideas, call to participate in workshops.
  • February to April 2018. A project for our City or quarter: the applicators have their ideas worked out into suitable projects, after which the residents of the City can cast their vote.
  • From 1 to 31 May 2018. Vote for your favorite project: vote for the projects by the City residents.
  • From June 2018. Realization.

Who can participate?

All residents who are domiciled in the City of Brussels. A person can carry a maximum of one project. The regulation:

Follow the procedure on the platform: