Participatory Budget 2018

You decide together with the City of Brussels how a budget of 200,000 euros is used to realize your projects for our city.

The procedure consists of 4 simple, clear phases:

  • January to February 2018. An idea for my City or quarter: call for ideas, call to participate in workshops.
  • February to April 2018. A project for our City or quarter: the applicators have their ideas worked out into suitable projects, after which the residents of the City can cast their vote.
  • From 1 to 31 May 2018. Vote for your favorite project: vote for the projects by the City residents.
  • From June 2018. Realization.

Who can participate?

All residents who are domiciled in the City of Brussels. A person can carry a maximum of one project. The regulation:

Follow the procedure on the platform: