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Naming the roads and paths of Haren

In 2020, the residents of Haren could submit names for 11 of their paths and roads. They suggested a total of 76 names. A jury composed of employees from the administration, the Office of the Alderwoman, the Toponymy service and a resident made a choice.

The new names that were chosen for the paths and roads:

  • Chemin des Asperges - Aspergesweg
  • Chemin des Trois Niveaux - Drie Niveausweg
  • Chemin des Machinistes - Machinistenweg
  • Sentier du Dépôt - Stelplaatsweg
  • Le Raccourci - De Binnendoor
  • Chemin du Verger - Boomgaardweg
  • Chemin des Tournesols - Zonnebloemweg
  • Chemin du Marécage - Kikkerpoelweg
  • Chemin des Petits Pas - Kleine Stapjesweg
  • Chemin du Têtard - Dikkopweg
  • Kempendelle

The map:

Next walks through Haren offer 3 signposted routes along the slow roads of Haren, through cultural, natural and historical sites:

Participatory process

On Thursday 17 September 2020, the City presented the results of the Vademecum study on the development of paths and roads in Haren. A participatory process for naming the paths and roads was started as well (from 17 September to 30 October 2020).

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    Naming the roads and paths of Haren