New lighting at the Church of Our Lady of Laeken

Beliris completed the work on the new lighting of the Church of Our Lady in Laeken. The architectural splendour of this Brussels heritage can now also be admired in the evening.

No fewer than 350 spotlights and 5 km of cables were required for the four façades. The lights were mainly installed directly on the structure, limiting the impact of the light on local residents. There are 18 different types of anchors, specially chosen to attach the lighting to the heritage in a subtle and respectful way.

LED lighting

The latest generation of LED projector lamps is used to minimise energy consumption. The entire lighting system consumes barely 50kWh per day, which is comparable to a large family home. The lights are dimmed between midnight and 5 am thanks to an automated system, helping to reduce energy consumption.

Video of the works

The following video shows the works on the new lighting of the Church of Our Lady of Laeken (the video contains no dialogue):

Created on 07/10/2021 (modified on 07/10/2021)
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