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New mural at the Anneessens-Funck Institute

The English artist Mr Doodle has realized an urban artwork of 40 m² on a wall of the Anneessens-Funck Institute (Grand Ile 46). The mural is the result of a project call from the City of Brussels, in collaboration with the Institute, within the framework of the Street Art Trail.

Known for his black continuous line on a white background and his colors, Mr Doodle has made a work of art relating to education and students for the 40 m² blank wall of the Anneessens-Funck Institute. Two other works of art have already been made in this quarter on the initiative of the City, both in 2015 and in 2016, on the facades of the Riches-Claires and the Rue de l'Eclipse. The new artwork completes the city art trail that is in full development.

Created on 30/06/2017 (modified on 30/06/2017)