New street art walk in the centre

As part of its Street Art trail, the City of Brussels has inaugurated 13 miniature images of Spanish artist Isaac Cordal. These statues now decorate different facades in the city centre around the Bourse.

In the context of the Détours Festival, Isaac Cordal was invited by the City of Brussels to install works in public space, especially on the facade of the Bourse and the Café of the Ancienne Belgique. The artist, from Galicia, is famous for his Cement Eclipses project, in which miniature characters dressed in gray costumes and made of cement are being installed at unexpected places in urban space. These scenes depict the routine of contemporary society and the loneliness and isolation of modern times.

The works can be found at the following places: Rue du Midi 57, Rue de Pierres 23, at the corner of the Rue du Midi and the Rue Henri Maus, Boulevard Anspach 69A, Rue Paul Devaux, Rue des Bouchers 8-10, the Impasse de la Fidélité, Rue des Dominicains 12, the Galerie des Princes, the Impasse de la Tête de bœuf and the Petite rue des Bouchers 2.

Created on 14/09/2017 (modified on 15/09/2017)
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