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Redevelopment of the Place de la Liberté

What is it about?

Complete redevelopment of the Place de la Liberté, including the two intersections at the Rue du Congrès. The redevelopment includes the restoration of historic elements, interventions to protect the square's trees and a single-level redevelopment of the perimeter.

Redevelopment of the Place de la Liberté

What purpose?

The Place de la Liberté is a lively and historic square. The square is a protected heritage site, as are the facades surrounding it. In 1978, the City decided to add trees to the square. However, no consideration was given to the growth of these trees. Today, the pavement of the square is in very poor condition, partly due to the roots of the trees growing through the paving stones and curbs.

Multiple phytosanitary studies have shown that almost all the trees are in good health. However, the quality of the subsoil is not optimal, causing the roots to grow upwards in the square.

The redevelopment project is therefore based on the principle of preserving the trees so as to provide new growth opportunities. The area around the trees will therefore be raised and covered with dolomite.

Special attention will also be paid to the heritage elements of the square. The green space around the statue of Charles Rogier will be restored. The original ornamental railings around the lawn are still in the City's storage. They are too damaged to be restored, but they will be reproduced identically and placed in the same place. 

The rest of the square will be redeveloped on one level, including the section of the Rue du Congrès along the square. The 21 parking spaces around the square will be removed and replaced by delivery zones for the many shops on the square.

Redevelopment of the Place de la Liberté


In the summer of 2022, as part of Good Move, a cut-off point was set up on the Rue du Congrès at the Place de la Liberté. Retractable bollards prevent traffic from entering the street, and only emergency services are allowed to pass. This section of the Rue du Congrès is included in the redevelopment area.

The 21 parking spaces on the square will be removed. Given the very commercial context of the square, they will be replaced by delivery zones. The traffic flow around the square will be maintained and 31 bicycle racks will be installed.

Plan of the Place de la Liberté


A neighbourhood meeting was held on 18 December 2019 at which a first project proposal was presented. This proposal was well received.

However, a phytosanitary study showed that the rooting of the trees should be better taken into account in the redevelopment. To preserve the trees, the project had to be modified. The City chose to elevate the area around the trees and surround them with dolomite.

On 11 October 2022, the modified project was presented to the neighbourhood again.

Timing, procedure and works

The application for a permit for the redevelopment was submitted to the Region in November 2022. As part of this procedure, a public enquiry (30 days) and a Consultation Committee are organised.

The public enquiry will take place from 26 April 2023 to 25 May 2023. During this period, red posters will be put up in the area to announce the public enquiry, during which everyone will have the opportunity to react to the plans and consult the External siteplanning permit file online or at the City's Urban Development Department. If you wish, you can also ask to be invited to the Consultation Committee.

At the Consultation Committee, the plans are presented and those present can ask questions or raise an objection. The consultation committee then issues an advice, after which the project must be adapted. Once the permit has been issued, the works can begin.

As with any redevelopment project, the utility companies first have the option of renewing their underground installations. In this case, Vivaqua and Sibelga. They will start their works at the end of September 2023.

The redevelopment works by the City will last a total of 100 working days. The works will be phased to cause as little inconvenience as possible to residents. The various phases will therefore be carried out in succession.

Presentation and schedule of the works - Place de la Liberté (in French and Dutch)

Redevelopment of the Place de la Liberté