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Place Royale redevelopment

What is it about?

The Place Royale, located between the Royal Palace and the Mont des Arts, is surrounded by some of the most beautiful museums in Brussels. The bluestone pavements and especially the cobbled roads require urgent intervention to give the square back its former cachet.

What purpose?

The aim of these works is to improve the quality and mobility of this public space by:

  • increasing the surface of the sidewalks and allow pedestrians to reclaim this touristic place
  • adapting the lanes to clarify the current situation and increase the safety of users
  • waterproofing the Aula Magna under the square again
  • the installation of scenographic lighting to highlight the neoclassical buildings from the 18th century at the Place Royale and Place des Musées

For this project, Beliris is committed to a sustainable process. The existing paving stones are recovered as much as possible. An inventory has been made of the reuse: blue stones in good condition are recovered and mixed with new ones.

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Place Royale redevelopment
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