Brussels Pride - The Belgian & European Pride 2023

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On Saturday 20 May 2023, the Brussels Pride - The Belgian & European Pride will be held in Brussels.

The Pride is an event including several activities for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people and a big parade in the city centre.

The Brussels Pride kicks off with the Pride Week (from 10 to 19 May), which will host conferences, debates and activities around themes that are dear to the community. More info:

External site Brussels Pride - The Belgian & European Pride

On Saturday 20 May, join the gathering at the Pride Village at the Mont des Arts from noon. At 2 pm, after the speeches, the Pride Parade will take the Rainbow Flag through the streets of Brussels. More info:

External site Brussels Pride - The Belgian & European Pride

The Archives of the City of Brussels are collecting LGBTQIA+ archives:

Collection of LGBTQIA+ archives

'Pride @ The Museums' by the City of Brussels largely takes place during the Pride Week. For ten days, conferences, debates and activities will take place around themes close to the gay community's heart.


Manneken-Pis in rainbow colours

From 17 May 2023, the showcase of the External site GardeRobe MannekenPis (Rue du Chêne 19) will be decorated in the colours of the rainbow. Among others, discover the mayor's costume of the Free Commune of the Ilot Sacré, the costume made by Jean-Paul Gaultier for the 20th Belgian Pride and the costume as part of the Q.Artz Festival.

On Thursday 1 June 2023, the country's three main LGBTQIA+ organisations, Rainbow House (Brussels), Cavaria (Flanders) and Prisme (Wallonia), will jointly donate a new costume to Manneken-Pis to mark the 20th anniversary of the law on same-sex marriage.

Acquisition of a contemporary porcelain

In celebration of the entry into force of this law, the Museum of the City of Brussels will announce the acquisition of a contemporary work of art in porcelain. The choice of porcelain is obvious: after all, 20 years of marriage is celebrated with a porcelain wedding anniversary. Moreover, from the end of the 18th century until after the Second World War, high quality porcelain was produced in Brussels and the Museum of the City of Brussels has the most important collection of this kind.

The acquisition of a contemporary piece of Brussels porcelain is therefore a nod to this rich past. The Museum of the City of Brussels will deliver this project in collaboration with MAD Brussels.

The final draft will be presented in June 2023, exactly 20 years after the first same-sex marriage in Brussels. The piece will then be exhibited in the porcelain room of the Museum of the City of Brussels.

Rainbow flags in the pedestrian zone

To start the Pride Week, the City of Brussels hung up 173 new, more inclusive rainbow flags under the name Progress pride. The 6 pillars of the Bourse will also be decorated with the famous colours, while the Monnaie will be draped with the new 6 x 4 metre intersex flag.

For the Pride Parade on 20 May, two 2 x 6 metre 'BXL' structures will also be placed at the Marché au Charbon (Kolenmarkt) quarter and in front of the Monnaie Theatre.

'Protect the Protest', Amnesty International's campaign slogan, has been adopted as the theme for Brussels Pride - The Belgian & European Pride. Protest is a fundamental human right. The LGBTQIA+ movement knows how crucial the freedoms of association and expression are for progress. These rights must be granted or upheld, in Belgium, in Europe and around the world.





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Brussels Pride - The Belgian & European Pride 2023
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