Project meetings

Prior to submitting the planning permit (certificate) application, the designer can ask the licensing authority (municipality or Region) to hold a project meeting.

During this meeting, the designer meets the representative(s) of the licensing authority and, if necessary, of other involved institutions (Brussels Heritage, Brussels Environment,…). During the project meeting, the main features of the project are discussed, without prejudging the decision of the licensing authority in the context of the permit examination procedure. The project meeting is therefore by no means an administrative decision.

The applicant who requests a project meeting does so electronically and addresses the authority responsible for issuing the permit or certificate, in particular:


However, taking into account the current workload, project meetings requested from the City of Brussels (when it is the licensing authority) are exclusively reserved for designs with an important urban development, heritage and/or economic impact for the City of Brussels.

If your project has only a modest urban development, heritage and/or economic impact and/or is in accordance with the plans and regulations in force, you are requested to personally and objectively assess the quality and feasibility of your project.

General information about the town planning regulations applicable in Brussels or about the compilation of a file, the submission, processing, delivery and appeal of planning permits (certificates) can be found here:

The applicant must enclose the following documents with his application:

  • a presentation note with at least the following information:
    • the identity and contact details of the project leader
    • the location of the project
    • the description of the project, in particular the destinations, the building profiles and the locations in the existing and planned situation
  • the relevant photos
  • if necessary:
    • the photo report of the interior, as referred to in Articles 23, 5 °, and 27, 5 °, of the decision of the Brussels Capital Government of 12 December 2013 establishing the composition of the file for the application for a planning permit
    • any other document that contributes to the understanding of the project and that is available to the applicant at that time, including the plans of the existing and planned situation

Please note: no project meeting can be organized until these documents have been received.