Research into income and living conditions

Statbel, the Belgian Statistics Office, is conducting a research into income and living conditions at a number of households in the City of Brussels. The research is held from March to September 2018. The households concerned are informed by letter that a pollster will come to their house.

The questions of the research are about housing, health, professional activity, income, living condtions, social relations,... A family that participates receives a compensation of 30 euros.

Purpose and confidentiality

The answers to these questions are used as basic information for the social policy in Belgium and Europe. At the time of the survey, all members of the family over the age of 16 must be present.

The answers are handled strictly confidentially in accordance with statistical legislation, in particular with regard to the protection of privacy.

Created on 19/03/2018 (modified on 08/02/2019)
Research into income and living conditions