Return of the Saint-Nicholas statue at the Grand-Place

After almost 10 years absence, the famous statue of Saint-Nicholas is back on the façade of the house Le Renard of the Grand-Place of Brussels, number 7.

It is more specifically its bronze copy that was placed on 26 June 2018. The completely restored original statue has now been given a place in the Saint-Nicholas church in the centre of Brussels:

Saint-Nicholas statue at the Saint-Nicholas Church

The statue of Saint-Nicholas had been brought down for safety reasons. It was agreed to make a bronze copy and restore the original, so that the statue could be saved under the best conditions. The statue presents Saint-Nicholas that blesses three small children at his feet. The saint is considered the patron saint of the haberdashers who have their guild house in the house Le Renard (In den Vos) since 1641.

Created on 26/06/2018 (modified on 26/06/2018)


Return of the Saint-Nicholas statue at the Grand-Place