Roller Bike Parade from 10 June to 23 September 2022

The Roller Bike Parade (including rollers, bicycles, skateboards, steps,...) will be held in Brussels, each Friday from 10 June to 23 September 2022. The start and finish are at the Place Poelaert (Law court).

The start takes place at the Place Poelaert at 8 pm. The ride will pass through the city centre and the finish is at the Place Poelaert, around 11 pm. More info:


The Roller Bike Parade risks engendering traffic problems on certain main roads of the City of Brussels and surrounding municipalities (from 7 pm till about 11 pm). The police watches the safety of the participants and can modify the course during the event. More info:

Created on 08/06/2022 (modified on 08/06/2022)