Rules for foot paths covered with snow and frost

For walkways covered with snow, special police regulations apply. How should sidewalks be cleared in Brussels? And who is responsible for this?

Pavements covered with snow or ice should be fully cleared or made slip-resistant, with a minimum width of 1.50 m (taking into account the width of the footpath).

The snow has to be moved to the edge of the pavement and should not be heaped together or thrown on the road. The sewer and street gutters must remain free.

The persons mentioned in Article 22 of the General police regulation are obliged to do this:

  • the owner and co-owner
  • each holder of a right in the building
  • the tenant or the concierge, porter, guardian or person responsible for the daily maintenance of the buildings

Report a problem

The municipal roads are cleared by the Cleaning Service of the City of Brussels. Problems with roads covered by snow should be reported via the free telephone number of the service: 0800 901 07.

Created on 21/01/2019 (modified on 01/04/2020)