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Sports park (NEO)

What is it about?

The NEO project is the construction of a new quarter at the Heysel, at the foot of the Atomium. The sports park - the integration of sports venues in an open green space - is a fundamental part of this project. It is first and foremost a big green space (27 hectares) that offers the people of Brussels a new place for walking. It also includes:

  • a rugby and football field with artificial grass
  • one and a half hockey field with a stand of 2500 places
  • a training course for athletics (400m track)
  • a club house with a functional and modern design
  • a water recreation zone, a waterfall course leading to a storm reservoir
  • a green walking area along the water
  • an underground parking area with 200 places

It involves an investment of 23 million euros.

‚ÄčPresentation citizen meeting Sports Park (1.35 MB) (18 November 2020, in French and Dutch)

The gallery below shows the photos of the future sports park at the Heysel in Brussels:

What purpose?

This sports venue offers both top athletes and residents a unique concept of green spaces and outdoor recreation, as an active urban factor. The sports park is an open space and no closed enclave, as is often the case with such infrastructure. The sports venues are fully incorporated into a new green environment that acts as a structuring element of the site. The park must play a role in the daily lives of the inhabitants and contribute to the global urban landscape.

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Sports park (NEO)