Street art wall at the Athénée Marguerite Yourcenar

A new street art work is now visible at the walls of the Athénée Marguerite Yourcenar in the Rue Claessens in Laeken.

The work was realized within the Israel-Palestina: for a better understanding program by the 'Actions in the Mediterranean' (AIM) association. 15 students from the Athénée took part in this program. This project aims at promoting living together and fighting prejudices, stereotypes, tensions and acts of violence in Brussels in connection with the conflict. In order not to forget this experience, the AIM and the City of Brussels wanted to make a fresco on an exterior wall of the Athénée. The artists Samuel Idmtal and Orlando Kintero from Brussels were selected to paint the street art wall.

Created on 19/11/2018 (modified on 19/11/2018)