Sustainable development

The City of Brussels and the Public Welfare Centre of Brussels have concrete sustainable development commitments and measures. The goal of sustainable development is to reconcile economic, social and environmental aspects of human activities.

The Agenda 21 is an action plan that contains the priorities of sustainable development of the City and the CPAS.

It contains more than 150 action sheets organized around five goals and spread over 22 areas of intervention. These actions are subject to an annual review. This plan defines a code of conduct for municipal employees, local government, users and citizens.

The details and the documents of the action plans and their goals are only available in Dutch and French.

The City of Brussels supports civic and participatory actions that have a positive and lasting impact on the behavior of the target group and its living environment.

Residents groups, local organizations and schools that are operating on the territory of the City may get a grant that can go up to 2,500 euros.

Projects must be situated within one of the following areas: awareness campaigns on sustainable development, biodiversity, green spaces, water, energy, reducing and recycling waste, mobility, sustainable consumption, social inclusion, access to culture and knowledge, living environment, employment, economic development, social economy.

This project call is launched annually on 1 March. For 2018 the call is already closed.

Winners of the 2017 call for projects

  • Veganizer BXL: promotion of veganism in Brussels
  • Les voisins du Magnolia: installing a cozy space and the prevention of illegal dumping
  • Comité de Haren: creating a district dynamics by organizing workshops between residents
  • Comité Alhambra: maintenance of the common vegetable garden
  • Chicago bulbes: installing bins with edible plants to manufacture a beverage by and for the neighborhood
  • Jardin collectif tour et taxis: setting up the collective garden (building a pergola, collection of rainwater,...)
  • Basisschool Klavertje Vier: green planting on the playground (willow-based)
  • Institut Saint-Louis 2: promotion of tap water at school
  • Ecole des Etoiles: making a greenhouse and a hedge of fruit trees and installing a birdhouse and bin with plants
  • Haute école Francisco Ferrer: design of sustainable promotional clothing

Do you want to contact and locate these winners? Then contact the Sustainable Development Unit.