Incentives, grants and obligations - Climate Plan

Whether you are a resident of the City of Brussels, a company, a business or a non-profit organisation, you can benefit from financial aid and support to encourage you to take concrete action in favour of the climate.

Do you want to insulate your roof, install a green roof, start a vegetable garden, give up your car or buy a compost bin? Whether you own or rent your home, we can help. You can get free advice, support, training and regional and/or local grants for a wide range of climate-friendly actions.

All the support

Aid for private individuals

Coaching (energy, mobility, water, logistics, waste, biodiversity), visibility in communications, tax exemptions, bonuses,... There are also a multitude of schemes to help VSEs, SMEs, businesses and associations to take measures or make investments in favour of the climate, on a voluntary basis or to meet certain legal obligations.

All the support

To help you understand and comply with the environmental regulations that affect so many aspects of your daily life, Brussels Environment has put together a guide to good practice and offences to protect the environment: