MyBXL maintenance and telephone accessibility

Due to maintenance works, the External site MyBXL citizen portal will be unavailable from Friday 2 December at 1 pm until Saturday 3 December at 7:30 am. Interruptions are still possible on Saturday 3 December. Due to the move of the services of the City of Brussels to the new Brucity Administrative Centre (on 12 December 2022), the waiting time for a telephone answer may be temporarily longer as well.


Help with submitting your tax return

Assistance in completing your tax return by the Federal Public Service (FPS) Finance is only possible by appointment.

Need help?

  • Call the number on the envelope of your declaration as soon as you receive it at the beginning of May. For Brussels, that number is 02 575 56 67.
  • You will receive an appointment to have your declaration completed by telephone.
  • After completing the form by telephone, you will receive a document with the information provided by post. You must sign and return that document.

You can also call the City of Brussels at 02 279 22 11 (every working day from 8:30 am to 4 pm):

  • to make an appointment to fill in your declaration by telephone
  • to make an appointment at the Palais du Midi (from 20 to 24 June 2022)

MyMinfin (Tax-on-web)

From the end of April, your declaration (largely pre-filled) or your proposed simplified return is available at:

Proposed simplified return

Do you have a question about your External site proposed simplified return? For Brussels, call 02 577 12 90.

Pension statement

Do you need your pension statement?

  • the file is available on External site Fiche fiscale
  • or fill in the online contact form
  • or call the Federal Pension Service on number 1765 and choose option 4

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Created on 28/04/2022 (modified on 19/05/2022)