Tips against home burglaries

The first European Day of Action against Home Burglaries will be held on 19 June 2019. For the Bravvo prevention service, this is the ideal time to give some tips against burglary during your holiday.

Remember that your neighbors are probably your best allies! They know the customs in the area and can detect and report suspicious activities. Your neighbors can easily keep an eye on your house and with a few simple things give an impression of presence:

  • retrieving the mail
  • watering the plants
  • putting a garbage bag at the door on the day of collection
  • parking your own car or bicycle in front of your house
  • closing the shutters or curtains
  • lighting a light at the right time
  • ...

After appointment

The theft prevention advisor of Bravvo is also available by appointment for residents and traders of the City who want advice about the security of their buildings. For example, the consultant can visit the home renovation to help with security and also gives advice on the security tax deductions for individuals and self-employed.

Surveillance of houses

The Brussels Capital Ixelles police proposes a surveillance of your house during long periods of absence (like holidays):

Created on 22/05/2019 (modified on 22/05/2019)
Tips against home burglaries


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