Surveillance of houses

The police of Brussels-Capital-Ixelles proposes a surveillance of houses during the long periods of absence. A simple, effective and completely free service!

This service is mostly sought by private individuals during holidays. However, it can be asked at any moment of the year, in case of prolonged absence of your residence.

Demand form

First step: fill the External site request form for surveillance. If you do not have a printer, the document is available on simple demand in any External site police station. The surveillance will include a control at least every 24 hours. The control is made discretely, as not to arouse curiosity...

Some precautions, nevertheless!

  • Doors and windows have to be closed correctly. The solidity of these must be verified.
  • All the accesses to the house must be verified: cellar window, railings,...
  • Never leave a message on the answering machine indicating an absence
  • Never give the impression that the house is idle
  • The mail must be taken out regularly
  • The neighbours must be the warned of a departure, as to control the house
  • Timers for lamps must be installed in the house
  • Strong sums of money or valuables do not have to stay in the house
  • Jewels and valuables are safe in a banking safe

Visit of the theft prevention advisor

The External site theft prevention advisor of the police gives advice on how to secure your house. This advisor secures a building against burglary. All types of buildings are taken into account: student rooms, hospitals,... This service is non-commercial and completely free of charge.