Town planning information

How to obtain planning information?

The planning information informs each applicant of the statutory provisions, regional or municipal, which are applicable to their property. They are needed for each sale. The application must be made at the beginning of the sale of the property.

The application must be submitted using the application form below and with the following documents:

  • Proof of payment of the fee of 82,80 euros per cadastral parcel (doubled in case of urgency in a court sale) on the following account: BE40 0910 1141 0663 with the indication RU - address of the building (street + number) - your references
  • If applicable, the information about the title attached to the property right on the immovable property (title of ownership, copy of the deed, Belgian Official Bulletin, land regsiter from the FPS Finance) with, if applicable, a copy of the mandate obtained of the holder of the property right
  • If necessary, the concise description of the good
    The concise description consists of a written description and one or more sketches or plans. All these pieces together must perfectly reflect the actual state of the good. It may be limited to a written description, only if it is sufficient for a perfect understanding of the actual state of the good. The short description may include a photo report with a legend and an indication of the places where the photos were taken. The summary description is dated and signed by the person who has prepared it and includes at least the following elements:
    • the correct address of the property and the number of the cadastral parcel(s)
    • the characteristics of the facades that are visible from the public space and from the roof
    • the destination or use of any structure or part of a structure if the destination or use is different
    • the number of housing units in the property and its layout
    • the number of parking spaces

If the property to which the application relates comprises several buildings, each structure will be described separately

  • In case of an urgent request (the urgency is only accepted in case of a judicial sale), the document that demonstrates the urgency of the application

To facilitate the application, you are requested to send the completed form and the necessary documents to the following address only by e-mail:

The processing of your application only takes effect after the receipt of all documents.

Due to the considerable overloading after the amendment of article 275 of the COBAT-BWRO, it is currently impossible to answer within the imposed time limits. The City of Brussels is doing everything to get rid of the delay.

Before a request is made, a preliminary study is useful to take note of the last permit issued for the property.

In the case of a newly acquired property, the notary has mentioned it in his certificate and the granted permits.

In other cases, the applicant shall seek the final permits.

The consultation of the archives is only by appointment. In order to do so, please return the form below to:

A copy (paper or digital) of certain documents can be obtained after payment of a fee.

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