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Action plan 'Nothing without my consent'

Action plan 'Nothing without my consent'

The City of Brussels is launching a new action plan 'Nothing without my consent', with 77 measures to fight against harassment and sexual violence.

The plan comes in response to the wave of testimonies from people who have been victims of sexual violence in some of Brussels' nightlife spots. It is based on the three axes of the security chain: prevention, action and follow-up.

Prevention and actions

The prevention component mainly works on an awareness campaign, in collaboration with the cafes and nightlife, which is deployed throughout the City's territory.

The actions of this plan at the level of the City, the police zone and the Brussels by Night Federation include structural measures, reception of victims, mobility measures, but also training for police staff and entertainment venues.

In the streets, city lights and cameras are reinforced at all hours of the night in the nightlife quarters. Inside there will be facilities such as the establishment of 'Safer Zones'. Mobility will also be enhanced by the introduction of a 'safe taxi' code, in collaboration with Taxis Bleus.

Legal proceedings and sanctions

The City of Brussels condemns perpetrators and considers any act of complicity unacceptable. The City encourages legal proceedings and, if necessary, an intervention by the public prosecutor's office. Therefore, the supervision of these measures inevitably entails the implementation of sanctions: refusal of license or authorization, fine,...

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Posters - 'Nothing without my consent' (3.49 MB) (in French and Dutch)

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