Coronavirus measures

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). More info: coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels. Please note: at the Administrative Centre & liaison offices, all citizens are asked to come alone, maximum 15 minutes before the appointment time, wear a face mask (obligatory) and disinfect their hands.


Agenda 21 in numbers

The Agenda 21 action plan indicates the effort of the City of Brussels in the field of sustainable development. It is evaluated every year. Here is an overview of the results of the year 2019.

In text:

  • Installation of solar panels: 8,978 m2 (x3 since 2017)
  • Awareness-raising activities on international solidarity: 21,394 participants
  • 19 classes participated in waste awareness activities
  • 346 tons of unsold goods that were redistributed on the wholesale market
  • 67 renovated homes
  • 920 tree sections with new plants in 2019 (594 in 2018)
  • 900 customers at the organic markets
  • 21 workshops
  • 80% of the purchased kindergarten toys are sustainable
  • New bicycle stands: 152 (in 2018), 432 (in 2019)
  • Winter Wonders Christmas market: 42% of the exhibitors were from Brussels

More info:

Results of 2017

  • Installation of 1793 m2 of solar panels
  • Construction of 3 award-winning building examples
  • More than half of the girls attend sports activities at the Children's Homes
  • 573,522 euros in taxes collected for abandoned buildings and terrains
  • Thanks to the international partnership, the Registry Service of Kinshasa has been able to register 17,994 birth certificates
  • 12 actions in favor of gender equality and the fight against violence against women
  • 17 schools participated in intergenerational activities
  • 11 citizen projects for the participation budget
  • A third of the toys purchased for nurseries is ecological
  • 1,025 people received sports tickets

Look at some current projects

  • In 5 years time renewal of all heating boilers of the houses rented by the City
  • Since 2009, 30% less energy consumption of public buildings
  • Since 2014, 25,254 m2 of green roofs have been installed by residents
  • 28 district compost points created and managed by residents
  • Forest of 24 hectares in Neder-Over-Heembeek
Created on 31/08/2020 (modified on 31/08/2020)