Coronavirus measures

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). More info: coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels.


Agenda and advice of the Consultation Committee

The advice of the Consultation Committee is only informative and written in the language of the file.

Coronavirus measures: the meetings of the Consultation Committees have been cancelled until further notice. Ongoing public inquiries are being finalized (but the Consultation Committee has been cancelled). New public inquiries will no longer be organized until further notice.

Coronavirus measures (suspension of periods): following the power of attorney decision (no. 2020/001) (PDF, 74.16 KB) adopted by the Government of the Brussels Capital Region on 2 April 2020, the expiry periods, appeal periods and all periods whose expiry has a legal effect as written down in the regulations have been suspended from 16 March 2020 and until further notice.

The acts and decisions adopted during this suspension period are fully legally valid.

Advice of 10/03/2020 (PDF, 671.54 KB)
Advice of 03/03/2020 (PDF, 625.99 KB)
Advice of 25/02/2020 (PDF, 760.60 KB)
Advice of 18/02/2020 (PDF, 519.44 KB)
Advice of 11/02/2020 (PDF, 1,009.24 KB)
Advice of 05/02/2020 (PDF, 362.52 KB)
Advice of 04/02/2020 (PDF, 832.10 KB)
Advice of 29/01/2020 (PDF, 316.89 KB)
Advice of 28/01/2020 (PDF, 936.00 KB)
Advice of 21/01/2020 (PDF, 67.46 KB)
Advice of 08/01/2020 (PDF, 268.07 KB)
Advice of 07/01/2020 (PDF, 775.37 KB)