Aid for gas or electricity shut-offs

Shutting off gas or electricity may take place from 1 June 2021. From that date, the measures against the coronavirus (Covid-19), which prohibit these shutdowns, will no longer be extended (or only for a short period). Guidance and aid exist for people in difficulty.

A closure after 31 May 2021?

Various situations can lead to a closure after 31 May 2021:

  • A judgment of the 'Justice of Peace' that allows a closure due to a payment problem
  • The end of a contract, served by the supplier
  • Consumption without a contract

In all these cases, the user must quickly sign a new contract with a commercial supplier to avoid a supply cut-off on 1 June 2021. For water, closures are not allowed as long as the health measures are in force.

Need help?

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Created on 11/02/2021 (modified on 03/03/2022)


Aid for gas or electricity shut-offs