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Assigning of addresses on the territory of the City of Brussels

Only the City of Brussels is authorized to determine, change or delete the house and bus numbers on its territory. The allocation follows the regulations on the assigning of addresses.

Description and procedure for submitting your application

Would you like to request a house number? Examples: new construction, change of access to an existing building, division of a property,...

and/or bus numbers? Examples: new building with several units (housing, shops, offices,...), change in the number of units in the building


  • Send an e-mail to or a letter addressed to the Urban Development Department - Assigning of Addresses, Rue des Halles 4 - 1000 Brussels, stating the subject of your request, the description of the building and its location
  • Your request is being analyzed
  • The proposed numbering is proposed to the Board for approval
  • After approval, you will be sent a signed letter confirming the numbering