Bird flu in Brussels

Bird flu has been identified in several parks in Brussels. What should you do if you find a dead or weakened bird?

What to do?

Do not touch dead or weakened birds yourself.

Keep your dog on a leash and away from wild animals.

More information on the virus and what to do if you find a suspected, sick or dead bird:

External site Avian flu: health rules (Bruxelles Environnement)

Who should you contact?

If you find dead birds? Call the 'Influenza Call Centre' on freephone 0800 99 777.

If you see weakened birds? Call the number 02 521 28 50.

More info?

More information on the evolution of bird flu and measures:

External site Avian influenza (AFSCA)

Created on 01/03/2023 (modified on 01/03/2023)
Bird flu in Brussels