Bonus for a green roof

The City of Brussels gives its inhabitants (postal codes: 1000, 1020, 1120, 1130 Brussels) a bonus for green roofs.

The construction of green roofs, preferably with native plants, on the roofs of buildings offers several advantages:

  • increasing the life of the roof
  • fire prevention, thermal and sound insulation
  • improving biodiversity: contribution to the 'Green network'
  • water management: reduction and delay of rainwater flowing into the sewer system
  • filtration and biological purification of rainwater
  • improvement of microclimate: humidity control and reduction of the 'heat island effect'
  • improvement of air quality: absorption of dust, pollen and some pollutants
  • increasing the aesthetic character of the roof

The City of Brussels grants a bonus for the construction of a green roof on a building located on its territory.

Amount of the bonus?

The amount of the municipal bonus is set at:

  • 20 euros/m2 for extensive green roofs
  • 30 euros/m2 for intensive green roofs
  • 25 euros/m2 for green roofs with a thickness between that of an extensive roof and that of an intensive roof

Maximum 3,500.00 euros per building and per 5-year period. A minimum area of ​​2 m2 is required.

The amount is increased by 10% for works carried out by social economy companies, tailor-made companies or social integration companies.

The amount is increased by 20% for green roofs that are visible from at least 5 buildings.

A single premium is awarded per property and per 5-year period.

The intervention of the municipality may not be more than 100% of the investment.


This premium is subject to conditions, in particular technical conditions, which must be met by the beneficiaries and the installation.

On the one hand, the applicant must ascertain whether a planning permit is required for the installation of a green roof (for stability reasons, for raising the walls, waterproofing works,...). On the other hand, the applicant must examine whether the structure of the roof can support the weight of the green roof, including the additional weight after rain.

How to apply?

Please fill in the application form and send it, within 3 months after the end of the works.

The regulation and form are only available in Dutch and French.