Campaign 'That's why we have a climate plan'

After mobilising the entire population of Brussels around the objectives of its Climate Plan, in 2023 the City of Brussels is launching an awareness-raising campaign aimed at socio-economic players. Whether they are companies, shops, non-profit organisations, schools, care centres or government departments, all these organisations have an essential role to play and have every interest in preparing themselves by taking action in favour of the climate.

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A Climate Plan, a coherent framework for local action

Reducing waste, saving energy, managing rainwater, sustainable food, active mobility,... All organisations can take action, but the challenges and methods of action vary greatly and can be applied differently depending on their size and sector of activity. The Climate Plan provides a coherent framework for concerted action. The communication campaign highlights this diversity of solutions and provides information on the various forms of assistance available to help you take action.

The local authorities and the general public are working hard to reduce their impact on the climate. But the stakes are so high that every action counts, and everyone must take action. There are a great many micro-enterprises, SMEs, businesses and organisations in the social profit sector in Brussels: by acting together in the same direction, they can mobilise their customers and beneficiaries and multiply their positive impact.

Floods, soaring commodity prices, epidemics, heatwaves,... Small organisations are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Anticipating and acting now means avoiding damage or having to take more expensive and complicated emergency measures. It also means preparing for new obligations so that you're ready when the time comes.

Eight out of 10 Belgians say they are concerned about the climate and believe that climate change is a problem that needs to be tackled urgently (FPS Public Health, 2022). This is particularly true of people living in the Brussels Region compared with the rest of Belgium. For an SME, micro-enterprise or business, taking action in favour of the climate is therefore a real solution for building customer loyalty, recruiting staff and boosting its image.

Socio-economic players are already subject to obligations in terms of mobility, waste or building regulations, for example. But there is also a wide range of financial aid and support available:

Incentives, grants and obligations

Created on 08/11/2023 (modified on 24/01/2024)