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Study support in Brussels

Study support in Brussels

Tutoring or study support is available all over Brussels, in community centres, youth centres, children's homes and study rooms in libraries, for example.

The aim is to prevent failure, reduce learning difficulties and prevent children dropping out of school. School support exists to meet the needs of every pupil. The aim? Academic success for all.

Bravvo tutoring

The Bravvo non-profit association offers tutoring in the city's various neighbourhoods via branches in its youth and community centres. This support includes remedial workshops, educational coaching and adapted exercises in various subjects:

Bravvo - schooling (in French and Dutch)

An interactive map shows all the schooling offers and resources available:

Bravvo - schooling search engine (in French)

A number of school support centres for primary school pupils have also been opened in various Children's Homes.

Study rooms

For older children, study rooms are sometimes necessary. For a number of years, the City has attached great importance to providing a range of premises, study rooms and libraries, to enable students to work in optimum conditions close to home:

Study rooms

More info?

Details are available in the October 2023 issue of the Brusseleir (4.40 MB) (pages 14 and 15):

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